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27.09.2013 Start of Sale for configurable CDI
Long enough developed and now produced there is the CDI,

that can do almost anything... the new, digital CDI 601. 

Ohne activation, it replaces original CDIs for these models: 
Domi NX650 and NX250, Dax with YX-Mini ignition, and in future Yamaha SR500.

In activated condition you can use this CDI to calibrate your engine.
Therefore you need a PC, a USB lead and special USB adapter.  
The software "IgnitionTuningBox" and the driver matching your operating system
ought to be installed, and here we go!

The ignition curve dependent on engine speed can be determined. 
The position of the pulse sensor can be adjusted.  
There is a choice between inductive pick-up and 2 different Hall sensor systems.  
And that is still the beginning, we have big plans!
Feel free to share your ideas with us, so we can realize them!
You can find the CDI 601in the CDI-world.

25.08.2013 Introduction of the "CDI-World"

M & S Motorbike-Shop sells imported vehicles and parts from China.

In the focus are replicas of the originals and parts from Dax and Monkey.
The models of the manufacturer Skyteam in Nanjing play the biggest role.
For engines and spare parts, we work closely with Zongshen and Yinxiang.

Most of our customers are commercial dealers. To improve the supply of
spare parts, we built up our Webshop for end customers and dealers.
Customers who want to collect  items from our warehouse can do so
through an appointment.

Beyond the commercial trade with parts and vehicles, we want to
improve the quality and functionality of the original vehicles and the replicas.
We have developed a number of our own products,
through which we want to distinguish ourselves from simple traders.
The supply of CKD parts is therefore expanded continuously.
Through our partners we also offer different customized services.

Another business area is the development and distribution of digital CDIs.
These are black boxes or control devices for the capacitor discharge ignition,
which has widely been used for two-wheelers since the 1980's.
In this area, we work closely with our partner Werner Moehrle.
There are digital CDIs for the Honda models Transalp, Africa Twin and Dominator.
Other variants are currently under development.

M&S is open for products that need support. We can provide
a sales platform and a customer base along with our commercial network.
If you have any ideas and are open for partnership, then please contact us.

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